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Topic: PMI Giga to Kontakt2 Help:

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    PMI Giga to Kontakt2 Help:

    Can someone give me idiot proof instructions on how to do the cross-over from giga to kontakt2?

    Couple of things I'm not sure about. If I use the old lady as a reference point.

    1. Export data from giga-editor: Does this mean export all sample directories (of which there are roughly 20 ish)?
    2. Final data structure in Kontakt2 library.
    3. Any additional files (such as scripts .nki etc) that I should get.

    I've tried a couple of times and it never seems to work right.

    I'd really like to try and convert all the pianos from the the group buy, just to see how much better all these scripts make them sound.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: PMI Giga to Kontakt2 Help:

    Hi Steve,
    The procedure is pretty much what you wrote.
    A couple of special points though.
    Suppose you start with Old Lady. You export the wavepool in GigaEditor. This gives you 20 or more neat directories each with a bunch of samples. It is best to put all these samples in one directory however. When Kontakt starts looking for files it follows a rule (looks in a specific directory, then starts looking in others). The previous version asked "use this directory for all missing samples?" but K2 no longer does that. Placing all samples in one pool makes it easier during the search missing samples process. This only works when no duplicate names occor (Bosendorfer 290 has duplicates).

    Getting the K2 nki files from our website www.postpiano.com should be easy.
    In this case you need http://www.postpiano.com/support/allUpdates.php?id=157
    It comes with a pdf explaining how it all works plus all the extra files and IR's you need to start working.

    The best scripts can be downloaded from Mezo's website.
    There is a free evaluation script of the Pro version. The evulatuation script dies after a couple of minutes, so pay him what he is asking for it when you like the script.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: PMI Giga to Kontakt2 Help:

    Thanks for the response.

    Placing all the samples into one directory seems to have done the trick.

    All I have to do now is work out the scripts, so far my testing with mezo's script isn't going too well. I must be doing something wrong there.

    If I wanted to do the same with the Bos290, would I have to use seperate folders for samples? You mentioned there are duplicate file names in that piano.

    Thanks Steve

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    Re: PMI Giga to Kontakt2 Help:

    The Bos290 needs all samples in their containers (Sample folders with names as 0064, 008, 032 etc). There are only two extra files (A0 60.wav and A1 127.wav) expected to be somewhere in the root sample folder. These samples are also in their own folders (d60 and d127) but for one or another reason these samples have duplicates in the root.

    Mezo also wrote clear instructions on his website how to tune a system to use his scripts. What is your system spec? Maybe we can help you further.

    One of the things I found is that you can win CPU power by loading as much as possible in RAM. The most drastic way to do so is to set Kontakt instruments to SAMPLE instead of DFD in the Source module. Naturally you need a system with maximum RAM to do this.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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