Now LPC supports Kontakt2 format!*1

The Kontakt2 format (LPC) will be released on Saturday.
(Kontakt2 discs are shipped with GIGA format.)

LPC Electric Guitar Libraries

"Amazing! Not only the massive scale (the number of samples, size, various playing techniques), but also the playability and well-programmed articulations which were built with scrupulous care!"
- Sound & Recording Magazine

The most extensive and hugest guitar sample library in the world!
- includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 samples!

(clean or distortion only version: over 30 GB, 75,000 samples)

Format: Kontakt2 NEW!, GIGA3.0/2.0
Now LPC supports Kontakt2 format!*1
Both formats (Kontakt2 and GIGA) are included in th package.

Gibson Les Paul Custom is the most supported and loved electric guitar in the world. Over three months, we recorded the sounds of this excellent electric guitar played by a top guitarist using the latest DigidesignR ProToolsTM HD system. You can make very authentic guitar track using LPC's Real Time Legato Slide instruments.

If you want to make a very authentic and convincing guitar track, LPC will be your best choice!

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*1 Due to programming limitations in Kontakt, currently Realtime Legato Slide instruments are not available in Kontakt format. We are researching a way to reproduce Realtime Legato Slide completely in Kontakt. If we find a solution, .nki files for Realtime Legato Slide will be posted to our website and registered users will be able to download them. But at this point we won't guarantee to release .nki files for Realtime Legato Slide for Kontakt2