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Topic: Sonar 4 & Giga 3.12: Midi delay problem

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    Sonar 4 & Giga 3.12: Midi delay problem

    I'm new to Gigastudio - just got Ensemble and am having a few problems.

    My PC is a P4 2.0ghz
    1 GB ram
    Echo Gina24 with latest drivers
    Creative Labs Soundblaster Live (for midi)

    Running Sonar 4.03

    The biggest problem I have is running in rewire mode. I can load instruments in Giga and trigger them in Sonar, but the latency is so bad I can't really play anything. However, playback works OK (at least in terms of latency).

    Other symptoms (in case these help)

    If I run Giga standalone, it will only output sound about 50% of the time (using the audition button). I used to be able to trigger notes with my keyboard or the virtual keyboard, but none of those produce sound anymore.

    And Gigastudio complains every time I start it (in standalone mode) that it did not start properly the last time... and do I want to run diagnostics etc. I can't get rid of this message.

    So... I've been wondering about the rewire mode problem... could it be the fact that I use a different audio card for midi? Does my audio card just suck?

    Any help appreciated!


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    Re: Sonar 4 & Giga 3.12: Midi delay problem

    Your CPU is slow at 2., but why do run the Soundblaster Live?
    Try to take it out and see what happens?


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    Re: Sonar 4 & Giga 3.12: Midi delay problem

    Are you absolutely certain that you are assigning the Gina as the soundcard in Sonar? The Soundblaster driver would give you that ridiculous latency.

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