A new K2 instrument: Thai Flute

This is one of my first Kontakt 2 patch. The samples comes from a Thai Flute (similar to the Pan flute). I recorded 4 different set of samples for each note (the instrument itself is not chromatic, so there are 5 notes for one octave and a half).
i added some Kontakt 2 patch programming (derived mostly from Garritan Personal Orchestra - www.garritan.com) and some custom Kontakt 2 skript.

this is how the instrument works:

there are 4 groups, each one with 5 samples which cover the entire instrument range.
you can choose the group which is playing with a keyswitch (from C2 to F2) OR (thanks to a K2 skript) you can play A2 and let the skript choose randomly one of the 4 groups (this is ideal to avoid machine gun effect). if you play G2 you will return to the normal keyswitch behaviour (C2-F2 chosen by the user). this behaviour is also useful if you want to build an ensamble: just load from two to four patch, assign them to different channels, and choose a different group for each "individual player" to avoid samples phasing.

then, there is a skript for legato (derived from the default script from K2 library). The sustain pedal (CC64) is used as legato switch: if you press it, you will enter in a "monophonic mode" and to all the samples you will play will be applied an offset (the samples don't start from the beginning, avoiding the attack) and a short fadein. you can tweak the two parameters according to your needs (or even save and use the script in your patches!)
in this way you can achieve a convincing legato in a very simple way.

Modwheel (CC1) controls the volume (expression) of the note you are playing in realtime. it is routed also to an EQ which smooths the sound as the volume turns lower. in this way you have a great control of expressive playing

aftertouch (mono) or CC16 apply a vibrato LFO

Velocity controls the attack of the sample: if you play hard you will listen to the full attack of the sample, while if you play low the note is "smoothed"

pitch bend is active (+/- 2 semitones) even if an extreme use will not be very natural!

PLEASE NOTE: i don't know if it is a bug, but in my system, when you first load the patch, you will hear nothing playing. you have to select one of the four keygroups (C2-F2) in order to listen to some notes... anyone has an answer to this??

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Thunder Sheet

An experimental recording in my cellar. I applied an el-cheapo piezo sensor to a very thin aluminum sheet, recording its output on my minidisc. The sheet was then hitted and shaked, and the soud obtained was resembling a thundestorm... You can listen to an example in the demo, but beware that i added effects (delay, reverb and compression) and layered the "mighty hits" you can download on this page.

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