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Topic: Opcode Studio 128X

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    Opcode Studio 128X


    Will Opcode Studio 128X work under Win2000, and is it a good interface?



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    Re: Opcode Studio 128X

    No, the Studio 128X will NOT work with Win2k or XP and it never will (Opcode was bought out by Gibson and Gibson isn\'t interested in updating or supporting this product). In fact, it won\'t even work with Win98SE. You\'ll have to find a copy of Windows 95 or Win98 First Edition. If you go with Windows 95, you\'ll run into the 11 MIDI port limitation very quickly since the Studio 128X will take up 9 of them (8 MIDI ports and 1 control port).

    If you don\'t yet have this piece of hardware, I recommend strongly against purshasing it. A great alternative if you have a USB port is the MIDIMan MIDISport 8X8. If you have two USB ports available and you don\'t need SMPTE, I\'d recommend two MIDISport 4X4\'s. Two of those will cost about $100 less than the 8X8 because of the SPMTE stuff.

    NOTE TO LURKING SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS: I\'d pay $200 for a reliable MIDI multiport driver that would connect two computers via a single USB cable or would operate through the network wire.


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