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Topic: All you V-amp/POD users!!!

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    All you V-amp/POD users!!!

    If you guys have some guitars recorded by V-amp or Line 6 POD in the internet, could you send the address? Or if you haven\'t got any samples in the net, send me email. tapani.siirtola@netikka.fi . I don\'t care about your music style, just the guitar\'s sound. I wish to listen more samples before I buy the V-amp...

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    Re: All you V-amp/POD users!!!

    Just buy it. I bought a V-Amp for my friend because it was cheap, and I just pre-ordered a V-Amp 2 for myself. I\'ve been using the POD for a few years now, and it\'s just as good, and 1/3rd the price. The sounds are incredible.

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