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Topic: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

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    Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Has anybody bought the Miroslav Philharmonic library from IK Multimedia? I'm surprised that I haven't heard any demos or comments since the library was released. ?

    comments anybody?

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    I'm one of the first people to get it and start using it. I also owned the original library from over ten years ago. This version is way more complete and better sounding. The many pitch problems (particularily the woodwinds) have been corrected and they are the best sounds in this library. The overall 'sound' of this library is still on the romantic side. It is not well suited to aggressive film score work (if you are doing a score and want to sound like "Spiderman" or "Starship Troopers" or any other hard hitting score than EWQLSO is better for that).

    This library offers an excellent alternative to the aggressive libraries and will let you get a nice romantic sound that no other library can get you, maybe even VSL (don't own it, so I can't exactly say).

    It's great that we now have so many affordable orchestral libraries. It means we now have several alternate choices that afford us the oppurtunity to evoke different feelings from our midi orchestras and combine libraries.

    I find the Miroslav Philharmonik great for slow and medium tempo stuff with a lush sound. Often the emotive quality of the samples will dictate a tempo setting thats maybe a bit slower than I originally wanted but sounds better.

    The solo strings are evocative and have a beautiful tone. The choir is a fabulous bonus and greatly adds to the value of this library. The piano and organ are very useable in context and the CSR reverb is exqusite! Forget convolution, this reverb never 'gets in the way' of your orchestra and lends great realistic spaciousness. It's value to this collection is underestimated in my opinion.

    Legato takes a bit more work than some libraries but can be adequate if you experiment a little bit. The lush sound makes any quibbles about legato somewhat moot imho.

    The brass are expressive and very nice but they lack the aggressive timbre of the QSLO brass. This does make them a great alternative to that library as does this whole library in general.

    The 'orchestras' and combis are actually very useful imo and very well done.

    Really, I don't see how you could be dissapointed in this collection and fast tempo music can be accomodated with a little experimentation. Once you develope a technique or approach to it then your set.

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    If you buy it at www.esoundz.com you also get 50 extra free combi patches. But, I am going to do some really cool interactive orchestra combis for www.philharmonik.com for all users no matter where you bought it. Just something as a thank you (plus it's fun... I am creating them as much for myself so...). Knock on wood but it was an extremely successful launch. The price actually goes up soon although not by much. I'd get it before the price goes from $499 to $599 though if anyone is seriously thinking about getting it.
    Dave from Sonic Reality

    Disclaimer: I work with a lot of companies in the MI industry. In case you want to know potential biases just ask. SR makes samples for nearly every sample format. eSoundz is an on-line retail outlet for sounds.

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Thanks for the great review nexus. I was surprised I hadn't heard anything about since it came out. I'm a sap for the romantic stuff. I had ordered it back when the GPO cross grade was offered, then went out of town for about a month so I haven't installed it yet.

    squids, the box says it will only work if I have another registered IK product, which i do not. How does the GPO crossgrade work here?


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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by Squids
    If you buy it at www.esoundz.com you also get 50 extra free combi patches.
    Squids, are they available yet? Where can we get these?

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Go to your My Accound on esoundz. They're right there.


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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    I went there but all I see are $5 epointz....no sounds to download.

    Maybe I'm missing it?

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    If you go to your Members area then scroll under the latest reviews section, its at the top of the next section. Not in the actual My Esoundz area apparently.


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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Oh I see! There it is - before you log onto my accounts.

    Thanks for your help Steve.

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    Re: Philharmonik Miroslav orchestra

    Theres some really good stuff in there. I've quite liked those extra goodies.


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