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Topic: More memory in Win2k?

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    More memory in Win2k?

    Hi Guys:

    About six weeks ago I upgraded my Giga machine to Win2k and installed the 2.5 GSt upgrade. I\'ve been very happy with this arrangement so far. I\'m able to stream more voices because of the improved disk handling under Win2k, and the overall stability of the system has been superior to the old Win98 setup.

    But now I\'m wondering about something. I know that Win98 was really not capable of utilizing more than 512MB of RAM, and this was fine with the samples I used to use. However, I\'m working on a new score that uses one of the Garritan String sections, the Steinway B, Clearmountain\'s Big Mixing Kit, and one of the Larry Seyer\'s Upright basses. Those four instruments alone show a memory usage of 69% in GSt!

    The question is: Will upgrading to 1GB of RAM improve the instrumentation capacity of GSt, or will it just be the equivalent of peeing on a forest fire? Any experiences that any of you might have had along these lines would be very helpful. I hate to open that box up again to cram yet more hardware in there unless it\'s worthwhile. The cost of the memory is not as much of a consideration as that is.

    P.S. I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered.

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    Re: More memory in Win2k?

    Adding more RAM will allow you to load more instruments. I think 1 GB should be a minimum now with the size of the instruments available like GOS. The next problem is polyphony which has nothing to do with adding more RAM.

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