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Topic: M-audio microtrack 24/96

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    M-audio microtrack 24/96

    I just picked one of these the other day and cant put it down. This thing is awsome and was a steal at $320. Its like having a portable foley stage.


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    Re: M-audio microtrack 24/96

    There's quite an interesting discussion about this device on usenet (rec.audio.pro). Seems that it doesn't deliver 48V phantom power (as is advertised) but only 30V. That means that condenser mics won't work at their full specs.

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    >> Tommy
    That's interesting. Could you give us a link to the discussion? I think it might help for some people here.

    I bought mine today with Rode NT4. Since NT4 works with battery, the voltage issue doesn't matter for me much.
    Kentaro Sato (Ken-P)

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    Re: M-audio microtrack 24/96

    The easiest way is of course to use a dedicated newsgroup reader (even Outlook Express or Entourage will be just fine). But you can also access it through http://groups.google.com/group/rec.audio.pro.

    There are several threads, so I won't post a direct link. You can find the thread very easily. Good luck!

    (I wish to add that I have an M-Audio FireWire AudioPhile, and I'm very happy with it)

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    Re: M-audio microtrack 24/96

    I use it with my shotgun mic (which has batteries so no need for phantom power). It also comes with a small stereo mic which plugins the 1/8" jack on top which sounds very good as well. a great value in my opinion. I own alot of M-Audio gear. This is by far the best purchase from them yet.


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