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Topic: Tim Larkin Interview at CDM

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    Tim Larkin Interview at CDM

    Hey, guys and gals. Just posted an interview with Tim Larkin (a forum regular) over at CDM, where I'm the Contributing Games Editor.


    You can see the rest of my articles by searching for "Brent Latta" - I've done soundtrack reviews, hardware/software reviews, interviews, news, etc.

    I still have contact info for many of you, but if any of you have big projects that are about to be released that you'd like to talk about, send me a PM and we can set up an interview. A great way for you to get exposure, for CDM to get great content, and for me to get some good experience and contacts in my pursuit of a full-time game audio career.

    I also noticed there is another, separate interview with Tim over at Music4Games by Tina Huang. Good stuff!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

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    Re: Tim Larkin Interview at CDM

    Good work and a nice read. Bon weekend to you too!
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    Smile Re: Tim Larkin Interview at CDM

    Great article. Thanks Brent, thanks Tim.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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