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Topic: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

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    Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    This evening my GSt system started acting weird. Sound going back to Pro Tools is messed up. For some reason the machine looks like it changed the IRQ setting. It had been working today. The only thing I had been doing is hooking up the audio outs as well as the s/pdif outs that I had already been using.

    In the process of looking at the problem, I noticed in GSt, on the Settings - Hardware/Routing page, top left, that it is now saying:

    Hardware GSIF Compatible:No
    Delta-AP GigaSampler Driver

    I also have no Sample Rate showing. I thought it used to say compatible, and that it used to give me a sample rate, but I could be mistaken.

    If anyone is using this card, can you tell me what your settings page shows?

    Everything looks pretty normal under the Delta Control Panel. I\'m using the s/pdif clock source, it says it\'s locked, and I\'m using driver, which is the driver listed on the Nemesys web site as providing GSIF compatibility.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give,

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    Hi Mark,

    I\'m not sure which version of GSt you\'re using. In v2.2 and before, the Audiophile used to be incorrectly displayed as \"No\" in the GSIF status field. This was just a display issue, not compatibility. This has been fixed in v2.5.

    Always look at a manufactures web site for latest drivers. There are newer drivers.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    I\'m not at my machine, but I think I\'m still running 2.1.160, or something like that. Good to know it\'s just a problem the way things are being displayed.

    I\'ve put off any GSt updates because the old Dell P500 BIOS I have seems to make decisions about changing IRQ settings everything I change software on this box. Doesn\'t happen on any other PC in my setup, but on this it one does, and the BIOS offers no option to set IRQs, so it\'s a bear gettign it right.

    Anyway, the IRQ got moved last night when I was messing with drivers for the audio card, so I\'ll just go ahead and get caught up.

    Is 2.5 stable? Is anyone using it in production yet?


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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    Mark, I don\'t have the update to GigaStudio yet. I have an Audiophile 2496 card, and it is listed as GSIF:no, but it works just fine. Nemesys confirmed this is a bug, and the card works fine.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Mark_Knecht:
    Is 2.5 stable? Is anyone using it in production yet?

    i am using v2.5 with an Audiophile 2496 without trouble.This card\'s wdm-driver is also serving Home Studio 2002.The only problems I have had is when Quicksearch sometimes chokes on a file, probably some dodgy Akai-conversions.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    I\'m running an AudioPhile 24/96 under Win98 with Giga 2.5. There are no problems with small samples but I get some clicks when using the Steinberg piano. I had no luck running Giga 2.5 with the 24/96 under Windows 2000. I had to crank up the latency to avoid pops and clicks, but the latency made playing impossible, so I went back to Win98.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    I just went from 256MB to 768MB. Piano clicks and pops went away.

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    Re: Audiophile 2496 - GSIF Compatible:No ??

    I have also noticed some problems with the Audiophile 2496. I have noticed that GS works pretty well in analog and usually SPDIF without clicks or pops, as long as I do not have any other applications open. If I open a recording app, like PTLE to use as sequencer and recording, then I get terrible pops and clicks with the SPDIF. Even the analog may start producing pops and clicks, but I am able to fix this by simply rebooting. This tells me there are some problems with the Audiophile driver. I have the AMD760/Via686B chipset in my motherboard.

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