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Topic: Best source sound effects?

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    Sound effects? Ideas?

    Increasingly, I tend to use sound effects from the real world in my musical productions.

    I don't like ripping sounds from an effects CD...because finding what I need from a liner notes list of 10,000 WAVs is a hassle for one thing!

    I know about the BBC online sound effects library. And I have used it.

    But are there other sources that you tend to use? Perhaps even FREE little sounds I can get online that any of you know about?

    Thanks for any suggestions that you have heard about and find useful!

    Below is a link to one of my original compositions on my website. I created the locomotive sounds myself from shaping and editing waveforms:


    The song is "Locomotive in the Snow" on the right of the page.

    (I also did the programming on the site so that the lyrics appear in sync with the vocals as I sing...let me know if it doesn't work for you in the browser you use).

    --- Glenn
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    Re: Best source sound effects?


    Boy the board moves kinda fast sometimes

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    Re: Best source sound effects?


    I found some crowd noise and sirens here: http://www.mi7libraries.com/main/samples/

    Very inexpensive downloads, only what you need, hope this helps.


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    Re: Best source sound effects?

    As a professional sound designer, I find this site to be by far the best sound effects resource on the web


    Links to free libraries:


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    Re: Best source sound effects?

    These are some great links. Thanks to those who have contributed. This is a great forum!

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    Re: Best source sound effects?

    The great thing about the online sound effects libraries is that you can search for what you want, and pay for only what you need.

    Are the CD-based libraries going to be a thing of the past?

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