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Topic: Closed Hi-Hat "choking" open hi-hat

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    Closed Hi-Hat "choking" open hi-hat

    Sorry I can't seem to find a way to do this and it's probably very simple. That is, how to I make a certain cell "choke" or stop playing the sound when another cell comes on?

    That is, when the closed hi-hat comes in immediately after the open hi-hat, the open hi-hat sound does not continue to ring. The same way it would work on a real drum set.

    Sorry again - a real newbie at Battery!



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    Re: Closed Hi-Hat "choking" open hi-hat

    Put all hihats into a single voice group and set the polyphony for that voice group to 1. Refer to the manual for how to accomplish this.

    This would be how you would do it in Kontakt - I'm sure it is very similar in Battery.


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    Re: Closed Hi-Hat "choking" open hi-hat

    Thanks Jay, I shall try that this evening.

    Cheers and have a great weekend all!

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