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Topic: Need help... Script Kontakt

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    Exclamation Need help... Script Kontakt

    I'm writing a multi effect script for guitars...
    I need somme help conserning 3 things...
    The first one is: how can program a script so when I hit a key NO sound is played but instead an event is activated.
    The second one is: How can I trigger an event when two notes are pressed at the same time.
    Finaly the third one is: how can I program a script so that when you hit a key starts a process and if you hit another key during this process the other keys are all ignored till the process finishes.

    Sorry for my English... but I'm not very good at it (from Portugal)

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    Re: Need help... Script Kontakt

    on note
       $new_note_id := play_note ([whatever note you want to play - see manual])
    end on
    2: Use the KEY_DOWN[] array to tell you if key 1 AND key 2 are both pressed (their value would both be 1), then perform your action. key 1 and key 2 are referred to by the indices (indexes?) in the KEY_DOWN[] array.

    3: In the on note event look for the pressing of the trigger key, then set a flag variable. While flag is equal to 1 make it so other on note events will always ignore_event and exit. When the process finishes reset the flag to 0. You would basically be setting the flag to 0 at the end of the on note event that is performing the process. Remember that you can have many on note events occurring simultaneously.


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    Re: Need help... Script Kontakt

    Thank u so much!!! I think I'll have to put your name in the credits!!!
    Once agian thnk u!

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