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Topic: Sonar 5 and GS3 with Rewire

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    Question Sonar 5 and GS3 with Rewire

    Anyone running these two together on the same computer with rewire connection?
    I am and have had no trouble with it and sonar 4. But with sonar 5 all is well except that when you try to record live audio with the giga midi, it gets muted while recording. Any way to make it play while recording? I also have Garritan Personal Orchestra and it plays fine while recording live audio. Its just the giga stuff that mutes.

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    Re: Sonar 5 and GS3 with Rewire

    Just figured out the problem. Sonar 5's Audio Metronome doesn't like re-wire. If you use the midi metronome instead all is fine. Other than that, Sonar 5 works great with GS3.

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