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Topic: MIDI USB question, sorry

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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    It doesnt sound like a MIDI problem to me. More a hard drive bottleneck problem. How fast are your harddrives? Which make and model? Did you remember to enable DMA on your drives? Did you remember to not put your .GIG\'s on the same drive as your swapfile?

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    MIDI USB question, sorry

    After doing a search I came up with no one sharing my specific problem.

    My Gigasampler dedicated computer has a Midisport 2x2 and is acting strange. It is random and only occurs with the GigaPiano (the whole reason I bought this program and built this computer was for hte piano samples). Decaying notes will change to another pitch (not bend, change to a different note). This sometimes happens when only one note at a time is played, or when NO notes are played (this only happened once and may not be true, a musician was using this in my studio and thinks he could have bumped a key accidentally).

    I am not hearing of any other people having the same situation. I think there must be an inexpensive solution to this. I don\'t need or want a $500 Unitor, I only use one MIDI channel at a time. I am willing to try a parallel interface, but still fear that is not the problem.

    Help is appreciated.


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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    Does this happen when you use a sustain pedal in your playing?

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Francis Belardino:
    Does this happen when you use a sustain pedal in your playing?



    Thanks for replying. I have to test specifically, but I believe it occurs whether or not the pedal is actually plugged in! Another note: this does not occur with any softsynths on the same setup/computer. Further note: I never run more than one prog at a time though.


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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    Hi. I\'ve got the same 2X2 and I have not experienced the problem to the same extent. There is a problem that I\'ve seen (heard?) where under high polyphony loads you start getting wrong notes, but that doesn\'t sound like your problem, and I know that problem is NOT related to the MidiSport as it happens on both of my MIDI interfaces.

    Take care,

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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    Thanks guys. Yes, I do have the samples and programs on the same drive.

    I will change that situation immediately and see how it affects things. I figured I could get away with that since I am only playing the piano and no other voices.

    If this doesn\'t fix it, I might try putting an SB card in and using the MIDI port. I only need one!


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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    More important than if your programs and samples share the same drive, is if the swapfile and you samples do.

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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry


    If I put the audio on a separate drive this will take care of any swapfile/audio conflicts. Correct?


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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    Further question:

    Do you guys enable bus mastering for your HD\'s? I seem to be unable to get the computer to do this. I can\'t wait till this is done. I hate building computers.

    Today I rebuilt the system from scratch because I am anal. I added a second hard drive, but realized that it was a UDMA 66 5400rpm. My thinking was that a drive with huge samples should probably be on the ATA100 7200 rpm. So, I just decided to start from scratch, but it is getting messy, as I seem to recall that bus mastering for IDE should be enabled, but the computer won\'t boot when I enable it.

    Maybe its time to start a new thread?


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    Re: MIDI USB question, sorry

    Enabling DMA is not always an option under Windows. It\'s just one of those mysteries as to why.

    My experience is that if you can\'t find the option, then it\'s probably enabled by default, but you can check by downloading something like HDTach or Sisoft\'s Sandra and then testing the throughput and seeing that the CPU load is low.

    Good luck,

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