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Topic: Choppy Sound in RMX

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    Choppy Sound in RMX

    When using RMX in Logic 7.1 the grooves sound perfect...until I drag the midi files into logic. Then it gets really choppy. I'm running at 96K on a dual 2.7 G5. How do you fix this??

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Define "choppy" please.

    MP3 example?

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Quote Originally Posted by spectrum
    Define "choppy" please.

    MP3 example?
    I'm new so I can't post an attachment yet...but as an example on Backbeat Reverend at 80 bpm everythings cool inside rmx...using the midi file the reverb tails seem to be shortened...almost like slices were taken out of the groove

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Reverend sounds fine here at 80bpm when running via midi at 96KHz in Logic 7.1 on a dual G5. In general, playing via midi should sound the same as when you audition it in RMX.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    I know...it should...none the less I get chop...Every thing was fine on my old system. I upgraded from a dual g4 867 with 3GB motu 24i to A dual G5 2.7 running 5GB and motu traveler


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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX


    I found you will get choppy sounds if you converted your files in Recyle
    and turned the Stretch knob down to 0 (from it's default of 40%). I noticed that if I tried to play a midi file any slower than it's original tempo after
    converting with the stretch set at O, it could not handle any tempo changes.

    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Hmmmm....send tech support an A/B audio example of internal and MIDI File playback and we'll see if we can track down the problem in your system.

    Doesn't sound like a problem with RMX though...

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Thanks Eric

    I'll do that....looking forward to 1.5 as well.

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    Hey Eric,

    I also noticed the problem disappeared at 44.1 sample rate. Any ideas?

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    Re: Choppy Sound in RMX

    If i worked before, but it doesn't now, I'd suggest looking at the things the changed to find the problem. If you still can't find the source of the problem, contact tech support at info@spectrasonics.net and they'll help you out.

    - Glenn

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