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Topic: A shot in the dark.....

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    Unhappy A shot in the dark.....

    Guys and Gals,

    I have a problem that's driving me crazy and wonder if there is anybody that can help. I'll do my best to describe the problem

    I use 99% VST's. The only hardware synth I have is a Roland XP-80. Until recently I have not been using it's internal sounds just VST's.

    I have an Echo MIA sound card and a Behringer UB2442FX mixer that I plug my XP80 into as well as any vocal mics, guitars etc.

    I use Cubase SL as my sequencer/recorder. I have had no problems combining VST's and audio tracks.

    I just wrote a piece using sounds from the Roland XP-80 for the 1st time since I set everything back up (I moved recently) The XP-80 sounds fine until I add an audio track to the mix. Then the XP-80 some how is routing itself through the audio track and plays back with the audio track's effects. The VST's don't do this. In other words, If I add a vocal track with reverb the MIDI playback from the XP-80 all of the sudden has the same reverb on it.

    I come out of the Behringer using the Main Outs into the MIA. I come out of the MIA back into the Tape In on the Behringer (they told me to do this to avoid feedback loops)

    Audio outputs of the Roland XP-80 go into a the Behringer through a regular line in.

    Why is the XP-80 seeming to route through the audio track in Cubase? No VST does that.

    The sad part is that I think at one time I had it working right (it should be possible, right?) and now I can't remember how to do it.

    Anyone out there use VST's, external synths and audio tracks with a mixer and Cubase that may know what I'm doing wrong?

    Any help would surely be appreciated.

    I hope this made a sense. Please let me know if you need any more info.

    All the very best,


    PS I just tried again and here's another thing that's happening. I set up an audio track, put some reverb on it and arm it to record. Then I play back the sequence. The audio track records the XP-80 into it. Now I'm guessing it's because the sound from the Roland is coming through the mixing board (where the guitar or vocal is coming through. and it's output is being recorded as well as the guitar's. So how do you hear an external piece of gear during playback/record and not pick up it's output. Man, I'm feeling might stupid right about now...

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    Re: A shot in the dark.....

    You haven't assigned any groups sends, aux sends, or that type of thing? This sounds as if there might be a routing issue going on.

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    Re: A shot in the dark.....

    tell me how you have the Roland XP set up in performance mode and what you have set up for midi out in Cubase and how is your analog mixer set up between Cubase and the analog mixer. This sounds like a set up issue with the Roland XP-80 in Performance mode.
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    Re: A shot in the dark.....

    If the audio track you create has the Behringer's output as its sound source, then any time you monitor that track's input you will hear whatever is coming out of the Behringer (including the Roland synth if it's playing).

    If you turn off the speaker icon on the audio track, you will hear the track output, and its FX inserts - but not the input (ie the Behringer/roland).

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    Re: A shot in the dark.....

    "So how do you hear an external piece of gear during playback/record and not pick up it's output."

    I'm not big on mixing hookups, but I suppose what you'd do is use the Behringer's main out to feed your control room amp/speakers and then use a couple of the groups to feed the MIA.

    That way, using a combination of the group assign buttons on each channel and the left, right buttons and level faders for the sub groups in the Main section, you could decide whether or not a particular channel signal (eg the Roland) was:

    1. Sent to the MIA only (assigned to groups with group left and right buttons turned off in main section), or

    2. Sent to the MIA and your monitors (assigned to groups with left and right buttons left on in main section), or

    3. Sent to the monitors only (not assigned to a group at all).

    Like I said, I'm no engineer - so this may not be the most ergonomic approach.

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