(working with Finale 2005b, full GPO)

1) To get better "life sounding" results with GPO it is recommended to sometimes introduce fluctuations in volume/brightness. But how to achieve this in Finale (apart from dynamic markings/ hairpins and their playback effect)? Is it possible for this purpose to (somewhere) draw lines for continuous midi-data?
2) when using GPO together with external sound-modules (as is possible in Finale 2005), can I still use human playback (HP) and if so can I still use "optimise for GPO"? If "optimise for GPO" does not function in this situation, will the HP effect on the GPO still be OK?
3) does HP recognize the use of "keyswitched" sounds in GPO? What is the best way to enter keyswitch- data in Finale?

Thank you for answers,