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Topic: Atmosphere Installation problems, OS 10.3.9

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    Atmosphere Installation problems, OS 10.3.9

    I copied the Atmosphere.dat index and .dat seg 1 into my Atmosphere folder, and even downloaded/installed the Atmosphere updates from the Spectrasonics website, yet I am still getting an error that states Atmosphere cannot locate the .dat file or sound library on my Mac.

    Should I remove everything that I installed and re-install the software, or have I missed a step? I installed Atmosphere and the .dat files into users/library/audio/plug-ins/vst. This is where I have my other VSTi's installed and they are working properly

    I'd appreciate any assistance that y'all could provide.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Atmosphere Installation problems, OS 10.3.9

    Sounds like you don't have the full Atmosphere.dat file.

    It should be 3.7gb

    (Indexes or segments aren't the full file. sounds like you might need to run the OSX CD Joiner - available on the Updates page)

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    Re: Atmosphere Installation problems, OS 10.3.9

    Thanks Eric. I just tried that, and when I attempted to open Atmosphere in Cubase, I received the same error. Did a bit more digging and found two VST folders on my drive. The plug was going into one, and the .dat file was going into the other. I consolidated them, and it's off to the races

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