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Topic: Gabriel Fauré - Pavane

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    Gabriel Fauré - Pavane

    I sequenced this years ago and had almost forgotten it - my 1st Pavane. I've played with it using GPO before, but with my getting my Sonar 5 yesterday, I thought I'd spruce it up to a 'finished' state. I love this work immensely, even when scored with added chorus. I've tried to bring out harmonies not usually noticed in other performances. Hope it meets your expectations.



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    Re: Gabriel Fauré - Pavane

    Thanks Steve - I love this piece also. Very nice job!

    My only criticism would be that softer attacks are called for, especially towards the beginning of the piece. I have not mastered the techniques for doing that either, but that is what my ear wants to hear.

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    Re: Gabriel Fauré - Pavane

    steve - faure's pavane is in my top five of favorite pieces ever written...i never get tired of hearing it...

    i like your choice of tempos...right on the money...but there are some funny things going on with attack, flute vibrato, and trills...but, from the looks of things, you know how this piece should be handled, so i'm sure you'll be fine...good work!

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