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Topic: Anyone else tried the new Gigastation driver?

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    Anyone else tried the new Gigastation driver?

    I recently downloaded the new gigastation beta driver. It fixed the problem I had with having to reset the midi everytime I openned a new giga performance, but the new driver created a new bug. What happens is this - if I press a chord on my keyboard then press the sustain pedal, then let go of the keyboard, and then let go of the sustain pedal, the notes will still sustain until I hit another key.
    I have sent a message to ego-sys but have had no reply. Has anyone else experienced this?


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    Re: Anyone else tried the new Gigastation driver?

    Even in Win 98, i was having sustaining notes. That was one of the reasons i moved to XP, but it still happens. When I get lots of notes going, one of them will often sustain. Sometimes, when I\'m editing in my sequencer\'s graphic editing window I\'ll click on a note and it will hang. I\'ve moved MIDI boxes around and split up assignments to avoid overloading, but it doesn\'t always seem to be an overload problem. I haven\'t known where the problem was. I\'m using MOTU\'s Digital Performer 3 into a FastLane 2 port midi box going into a Roland UM-4 unit connected to my PC, all with new XP drivers. I\'m still trying to figure it out. Good Luck!

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    Re: Anyone else tried the new Gigastation driver?

    Has this only happened since updating to Giga 2.5 or has it always happened on your system?


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