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Topic: Hard Drive speed?

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    Hard Drive speed?

    What are good read times for a giga HD. Here are the specs I\'m looking at on a 120 Gig. Is this good, or do I need something faster?

    Read Seek Time (Average) 8.9 ms
    Write Seek Time (Average) 10.9 ms (average)
    Track-To-Track Seek Time 2.0 ms (average)
    Full Stroke Seek 21.0 ms (average)
    Average Latency 4.2 ms (nominal)
    Rotational Speed 7,200 RPM (nominal)

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    Re: Hard Drive speed?

    Pretty normal for todays harddrives, and nothing to worry about. I think all 7200 RPM drive will work well with Giga - HOW well depends on other things, more or less out of the users hands, unfortunately. BTW I really like your GOS demos - nice!

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    Re: Hard Drive speed?

    Thanks Simon. It was actually the sound of your demos that encouraged me to get the library.

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