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Topic: How to install "X-Custom" instruments?

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    How to install "X-Custom" instruments?

    Extra "X-custom" instruments can be downloaded from the Garritan site. But, once downloaded they just appear on the desktop in a folder and can not be loaded in the Kontakt player. How do I make them appear when clicking the "load" button ?
    Thanks, Maarten

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    Re: How to install "X-Custom" instruments?

    I got mine to work by placing the "X-Custom" folder into this directory:

    C:\Program Files\Garritan Personal Orchestra\GPO Library\Instruments


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    Re: How to install "X-Custom" instruments?

    thank you Rob.
    I work on a Mac, so it's slightly different but I found the place to put the X-custom folder: in the Libraries folder.
    The only strange thing is: the old instruments (with the addition "Ens" instead of "Plr") still appear when I click the "dry" or "wet" folder; the new ones appear right away above the "wet" and "dry" and "x-custom" folders.

    One more question: do you know what is the meaning of the category "notation" (appearing with the instrument groups)??


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