VRSound seldom gets mentioned around here but I've had my eye on this soundware developer for a while now. I'm especially interested in the orchestral libraries. The developer is a bit stingy with mp3 demos but some of what's there sounds great. Some examples:




The string sections are rather small - clearly not geared towards the big Hollywood sound - but with a lot of character. The developer has used an interesting approach when sampling the strings. Blurb from the violins sample set:

A new concept of string sampling.
We sampled 2 x 2 chairs which can be mixed or used on their own. Chord voices can be split between chairs for more natural sounding harmonys. The ModWheel performs interesting crossfades between chairs and room positions. A feature that makes long sutained passages sound very real.
Here's a short passage where I think I can here this feature being used:


Prices for the individual sample sets are reasonable but if you want to build a complete set of strings, brass and woodwinds it quickly adds up. I'd love to hear from anyone using these samples, what are your experiences concerning sound, useability a s o?

I posted this on the KvR forum and the only reaction I got was from a poster who thought the mp3 demos sounded like a synth module and described the samples as “sad”. Yikes! Are my ears really that bad? I actually thought the violin section demo sounded anything but synthy which is what attracted me to it in the first place.