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Topic: Giga runing on asus motherboard

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    Giga runing on asus motherboard

    I\'m new to Giga an PC\'s. I\'ve built a system based on an Asus TUSL2-C motherboard with a Pentium 3 processor and 512 megs of ram and
    3 ide drives (7200 rpm) under windows XP.
    Giga seems unstable especially running the editor and the help files.. anyone has a similar setup??I also have a wamirack 24 with the latest drivers for everything.
    I was also considering Ultra wide SCSI..is it worth the extra $$$ ??

    thanks to everyone!


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    Re: Giga runing on asus motherboard

    SCSI ain\'t worth the money. I\'ve been very pleased with IBM DeskStar ATA-100 drives. I run these on a PIII 700mhz system and am able to get the full 160 notes polyphony with no noticeable latency and no clicking or popping. The IDE controller on the mobo is only an ATA-66, so I\'d get even better performance on an ATA-100 interface. But I don\'t need it for GSt. I just bought an installed a 60GB DeskStar drive that I got from buy.com for $98. I just noticed the price is up on these drives, but you can still get an 80GB drive for $155. You can\'t even get the bottom-of-the-line Adaptec SCSI controller for that.

    I also have some 10,000 RPM Quantum Atlas 10k drives in the system with an Adaptec 19160 controller. The IDE drives outperform the SCSI drives in every benchmark I can find.


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    Re: Giga runing on asus motherboard

    Thanks TM...
    I\'ll look into the Ide drives you\'re talking about!
    It seems that the pops and clicks I\'m getting could be related to the drives i\'m using..



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