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Topic: Akoustic piano

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    Akoustic piano

    i can't believe how little chatter there is about AP.

    does it suck that bad or are people just staying away from it in droves, waiting to see review... like me?


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    Re: Akoustic piano

    I'm staying away from it because NI never sorted out the cpu/dfd overload issues in Kontakt 2. Since Akoustic piano was built using the Kontakt engine, why would things be any different with this product? This product also has an onboard convolution reverb which has been problematic in Kontakt 2. The company Microsoft was notorious for cranking out new versions and new products without ever fixing the underlying bugs; for years! "You can build whatever you want but you have to have a solid foundation to support it". I think the same applies here to NI.


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    Re: Akoustic piano

    It is simply great! Love it. Esp. the Grand. The user interface is as simple as it should be. Choose a piano, choose a room, and play music, that´s it. Fantastic sound. Convulution is superb. No difficulties.
    With my machine, if I open Kontakt, Stylus, Akoustik and have like 16 or 20 VSTi tracks with internal FX, things slow down and eventually dont´t work any longer.
    (Okay, I´ll still use the Boesendorfer 290 and the Galaxy Steinway in the future, but Akoustik will I guess, be first choice from now on)
    But concerning sound, and concerning usability it´s definitely another fine piece of work and a *****

    From Frankfurt, Germany, Horch

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    Re: Akoustic piano

    That is great news to hear! All I want in my setup is a superb sounding piano that doesn't clip or overload. I assume your using dfd and the convolution reverb. Did you have to tweak the dfd settings? Also, what is your processor speed and how much ram do you have? What host are you running?
    Sorry to ask so many questions . This information is very usefull to me.


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    Re: Akoustic piano

    Hi Rsarja

    DFD worked right away but I´m using DFD with a lot of other NI-Toys, trying to update frequently, no probs here.
    Host is Cubase SX 3.1
    Machine is P4 3,2 Prescott
    ASUS P4P800 SE
    2 gigs Dual Channel Ram Infenion

    Sounds are beautiful to my ears, already heard different judgements though.
    But I also think about 17gigs must sound like something....
    So to me it´s a wonderful new tool, easy to use, no tweaking etc

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    Re: Akoustic piano

    Thanks for your response. Have fun with it.


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    Re: Akoustic piano

    I just got Akoustik Piano yesterday and I really like the sounds and the interface. This will probably become my favorite library.
    However, I encountered a problem with the Recorder option.
    I am using it with Windows XP with a P4 2.8GZ and 2GB of memory.
    I would be interested if anyone else has the same problem.
    Following is the text of what I just submitted to the NI Support page.

    " I just installed Akoustik Piano yesterday. The only problem I have discovered is when I am using the recorder. After I record for 1 minute, the CPU utilization goes to 80% and remains there regardless of what I do. This causes crackling for whatever I do. However if I close the Recorder window, then the CPU utilization goes back to normal. Then, if I open the recorder window again, the CPU utilization immediately goes to 80% and remains there regardless of what I am doing - even if I do nothing. It stays there until I again close the recorder window. In essence, the application becomes unusable while the recorder window is open. "

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    Re: Akoustic piano

    The recorder function does indeed have a glitch and a patch will be released very soon.
    Edward W. Trevino
    Dandlewood Productions

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    Re: Akoustic piano

    How does Akoustic compare in sound with Ivory... ???

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    Smile Re: Akoustic piano

    I installed AkP last night as part of my rebuilding my sound machine from scratch. I like it and have heard it in comparison with Ivory. For my taste and training standing next to an open grand to sing -- I like the hardness of the felts in some of the Ivory instruments better (attack) and I do like their "Honky Tonk" excursion for saloon music -- but have no experience with it intergrating it with my other NI stuff.

    As for AkP I have not been through all the sounds to see if I can tweek into that hard felt attack I like -- but the range of instruments and rooms to me seems to be the shortest distance in solving the problem of a good piano for ensemble and short solo work.

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