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Topic: annoying Sibelius/Gigastudio thing

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    annoying Sibelius/Gigastudio thing

    So I'm using Sibelius 3 with Gigastudio. I have a template set up in Gigastudio that has mostly everything set up to bank 0. A couple of patches are on bank 1 though. I go into Sibelius' mixer and there is a "Bank High" and "Bank Low" which I've tried all combinations of but doesn't seem to do anything. So when I hit play in Sibelius anything on bank 1 jumps to the bank 0 channel with the same instrument number as it. If the above made no sense let me show you what it's doing.

    Say it's set up as the following in Gigastudio:

    Piano: bank 0, instrument 1, channel 1
    Drums: bank 1, instrument 1, channel 2

    I set up the exact same information in Sibelius 3 (setting Bank High to the correct bank number, as directed by the Sibelius website). But when I hit play the following happens:

    Piano: bank 0, instrument 1, channel 1
    Drums: bank 1, instrument 1, *channel 1*

    What the hell do I do to stop this insanity? Can I manually set the bank and instrument numbers in gigastudio (which I feel would be the quickest fix)? If not what do I do in Sibelius 3 to make it recognize the difference bank information?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: annoying Sibelius/Gigastudio thing

    Sorry, it's been a bit since I last visited these forums. Could the powers that be please move this over to the gigastudio forum.


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    Re: annoying Sibelius/Gigastudio thing

    Dear Musica142,

    I use Gigastudio with Sibelius; however, I set the bank high and bank low to the same number, and this seemed to do the trick. However, since then I moved to not sending the program changes, since the samples I use have keyswitches to move between articulations, so I don't need any real-time changing of patches using program changes. If you can do this, it makes things a bit simpler. Program changes can be switched off from the Play | Performance menu item by unchecking the Send Program Changes (I also uncheck send bank high and send bank low). I don't know whether this is right, but it seems to work for me.

    Incidentally, you can send keyswitches from Sib in a manner that does not interfere with your score by adding technique text to trigger a note on - from memory the syntax is something like ~N23,127 Staccato (you should then send a note off as well - you can find the exact syntax somewhere in the manual). The ~ makes it invisible text, so it doesn't print out. Hope this helps.

    Kind Regards,


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