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Topic: Installation Problem

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    Installation Problem

    I've installed and registered GPO on one computer successfully,
    but when installing it on a second computer as a demo the installer fails partway through CD1 saying it can't copy one violin sample. Instead of continuing on with the remainder of the installation it then quits.

    I've cleaned the CD, and tried a different CD drive with the same problem.

    If I manually copy the orchestra samples they copy fine but the plugin doesn't
    find them.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Steve Sweet
    Microsound International

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    Re: Installation Problem

    I just had to say, the Same exact thing happened to me--I work on music at two different locations, and it would be Much more convenient if both computers had GPO. But when I tried to load it on the second one, I got that message about a violin sample not loading, then the process stopped.

    Hopefully someone who knows if there's a trick to it will post. I understand wanting to protect the program, but having software on two computers for the same user is fairly standard.


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    Re: Installation Problem

    Hi guys, GPO is allowed to be loaded and used on two computers, this may be a bad disc, even though it worked once.
    Email gary@harps.com and ask him.


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