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Topic: Turn off auto-load of GPO in Cubase LE?

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    Turn off auto-load of GPO in Cubase LE?

    The project I'm working on is huge, adapting my pre-existing MIDI files for proper play back through GPO.

    I'm using Cubase LE, with GPO as a VST instrument.

    It's essential that I use a template in Cubase which includes track assignments and the GPO layouts in Kontact. Without a template, I would be re-constructing a very complicated wheel each time.

    Not being able to simultaneously play back all the instruments I need for each song, I am recording the orchestra in sections--woodwinds, brass, strings etc as groups, so I end up with an average of 8 wav files to mix for the final version of each song.

    Because of this arrangement, I don't need all the GPO instruments as I work on each segment--Ideally they would be on "stand by" so I could work with whatever orchestral section I want to, but my 512 Ram doesn't accomodate this.

    I've divided my template into two parts, since it's impossible to load everything at once. Each template has approximately half of the instruments needed for a given song.

    BUT--I hope you're following me--My computer usually crashes just trying to load the templates, since Cubase automatically loads all of the GPO instruments.

    If the Kontact player (1.8) had sound banks of GPO pre-sets which I could load as needed, life would be much easier. As it is, Cubase loads the sounds whether or not I need them for a particular mixing session.

    If I could turn off Cubase's automatic load of sounds, theoretically I could then load the GPO banks as needed--if there was a way to do that other than one sound at a time, along with all the volume and panning tweaking I need to do.

    Since I apparently still have templates too large for my computer to load properly, at this point it seems my only option is to start from scratch each time and load instruments as needed, abandoning the hope of any kind of GPO templates. Yes?

    Using the GPO Studio is no longer an option I want to try--I went through weeks of awful experiences with that. I want/need to use single instances of Kontact as plug-ins.

    So difficult to explain exactly the problem---If anyone has an idea of something helpful from this description I've laid out here, I'd appreciate some input. I'm having much more success than I was in the first few weeks with GPO, but the processes I've come up with are still cumbersome and extremely time-consuming--minimum of 30 working hours per song to come up with not-completely-satisfactory versions of material I already have thoroughly orchestrated.


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    Re: Turn off auto-load of GPO in Cubase LE?

    Its a pity more host programs aren't more thoroughly thought out.

    This will sound like a pitch, but its really just to give you some idea of what they should be doing:

    With Overture 4 we allow users to save pre-made VST racks so making templates and loading them is easy.

    Cubase you have to save individual .fxb files (which I found more often than not, crash the program.)

    Another thing we do, is even if you remove all instances of a VST from the rack and save the score, the program remembers what you HAD in there. So as long as you don't make a change you could open a score, then open this rack, work on those parts, remove the rack, load up the other rack, work on those parts, etc. etc.

    I can't remember if Cubase allows this or not.

    I think more hosts should allow saving of VST racks though. Its a great feature in my mind. It allows you to customize layouts independant of your score or sequence. And with the way we save the score, you could unload and load racks as many times as you need for a score, provided you save them with the proper channel assignments and you don't change the output device routing, it will work flawlessly.

    I think this problem stems from the people designing the programs not actually using it. And then you have testers that are just testing, not actually USING. Its something I know I've got caught doing in the past.

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    Re: Turn off auto-load of GPO in Cubase LE?

    Thanks much for the info, Joseph

    What you described is of course Precisely what I would like to be able to do.

    There is the version of Overture which came with GPO, and I took a cursory look at it--Notation not being what I really need, but as full-featured a DAW, MIDI editing program as possible, I've been using the Cubase instead. Maybe I'm not understanding the capability of this bundled version of Overture.

    Well, I'll keep doing what I can--very determined to have this big project fully realized.


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    Re: Turn off auto-load of GPO in Cubase LE?

    Its only available in Overture 4. The version shipping with GPO is 3.6 SE (Special Edition.)

    I was posting merely to point out what I think you should be seeing in sequencers.

    The only alternative I can see for you would be something like VStack or Bidule. Something capable of saving 'racks' independantly of the sequence. Of course, you'll be routing midi in and out and it'll be another program to have to mess with.

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