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Topic: Recording guitar...

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    Recording guitar...

    I\'m planning to upgrade my recording equipment because my SbLive\'s mic isn\'t good for me anymore. Omni I/O and good AKG mic sounds promising. Also Line 6 Pod is interesting. http://www.line6.com/Main/Products/ProductGroups/ProductDetails.cfm?ProductID=7 . Can U give me some advice?

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    Re: Recording guitar...

    Forgot to tell you.

    I also have the POD. It\'s a lovely tool. And don\'t get stuck only using it for guitar...my wife has processed her flute getting really intersting sounds. I\'ve recorded my frame drum thru the POD\'s using the delay and got wonderful results. It has a built-in preamp setting, too.

    Can\'t go wrong with the POD but I honestly don\'t know what else is out there in that $300 price range.

    Let me know what you decide on...just curious.

    Also, Aardvark printed a comparison of their Direct pro 24/96 and the Omni I/O on their website. Check that out.

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    Re: Recording guitar...


    Aardvark Direct Pro soundcard is great. Lovely A/D converters comes with 4 preamps built-in, phantom power, acceptable real-time efx to apply to your recording.

    AKG C3000s is a nice budget mic.
    Studio Project\'s C1 is supposed to be a great budget mic.

    I got the AKG c3000s and the c1000s. They are fine for me. I mostly record vocals, guitar and flute.

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    Re: Recording guitar...

    I\'m thinking of buying the V-amp. It\'s cheaper than POD and I\'ve heard that it is even better. Anyone else who are interested go here: www.v-amp.com . I don\'t have enough money to buy nothing else. Perhaps later

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    Re: Recording guitar...


    I have the C1000, it\'s good, but a bit dark. I also have a J-Station, which has a digital output. I love the sound of the J-Station, it\'s a very cool box.


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    Re: Recording guitar...

    I use the POD Pro myself, but I bought a V-Amp for my friend, and I\'m *quite* impressed with the sounds. I couldn\'t get a perfect lead solo sound out of the POD, but I can with the V-Amp. I\'m gonna buy one for myself in a few days.

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