A developing user here with an annoyance. My method thus far has been load up a single sample in Kompakt, play and record each track as audio individually. I was comfortable with that coming from the world of standalone/studio recording of live instruments and had several projects due so that's how I got started. Have some free time and have jumped into triggering multitimburally via MIDI for the obvious advantages.

Problem is that I keep encountering stuck notes - even in simplistic sequences in a single instane of Kompakt. Its almost as if a sustain pedal message is being sent. And the problem is inconsistent - happening at random points at on various tracks during playback (I even hung while auditioning a flute sound). I've poured over numerous threads dealing with stuck note issues and applied fixes with no success. I have disabled/reenabled hyperthreading, killed all MTC coming from the Mac, adjusted numerous sync parameters and nothing so far has given me the consistency that one should expect. The only thing I haven't fooled with is the latency setting on the 2496 which are currently at 256.

Any help would be appreciated!

P4 3.0 1GB RAM
EW Gold
Chainer OR VSTHost (or standalone)
M-Audio 2496 for MIDI and SPDIF audio out

Mac Mini 1.25 1GB RAM
Tiger OS
Logic Express 7
M-Audio 410 FW

MAc gets its sample rate sync from the Dell via SPDIF which is also how the audio gets to the FW410 (could this be the prob?)