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Topic: What pieces sustain you?

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    What pieces sustain you?

    In times of crisis, depression, or general tough going, what 5 pieces of music sustain you? What gives you a lift, cheers you up, or gives you strength to continue and why?

    For me:

    1) Rush – “Natural Science” (All about the Golden Ratio, maintaining integrity, and keeps everything in perspective)

    2) LVB - Symphony #9 (Pain, tragedy, and loss, culminating in the world’s most optimistic music ever created)

    3) Rush – “2112” – culminating in the Grand Finale (same as above)

    4) Yes – “And You and I” - symphonic version especially (The ultimate love song – not limited to man and woman but also to man and God)

    5) Dave Weckl – “Tribute” (one of the most beautiful jazz pieces I have ever heard)

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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    Rush- Anything but especially anything from the "Counterparts" CD

    Danny Elfman's "Farewell" and the main love theme from Edward Scissor Hands.

    Anything Van Hagar with Keys

    U2- "Walk On" (and a million others)

    Papa Roach- Broken Home, Scars

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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    In times of crisis, I turn to God, the source of my strength, so my list is full of hymns. It's not so much that I go pop in a disc to listen to them, I just kind of hear the songs in my head -

    1) "It is Well With My Soul" (traditional hymn)

    2) "His Eye Is On the Sparrow" (traditional hymn)

    3) "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" (traditional hymn)

    All of these traditional hymns have incredibly powerful words, and many were written while the writer was facing very difficult circumstances.

    4) There's a more recent song our church choir sings called "Total Praise" that has fantastic, uplifting words and a wonderful arrangement.

    5) I like to put on a CD called "Streams." It is a collection of contemporary Christian songs, all about keeping hope and perservering in difficult times. Has a couple notable guest appearances, like Michael McDonald (Doobie Bros) and Jon Anderson (Yes), and some very beautiful orchestral arrangements at the end. Production is top-notch as well. Definitely worth checking out.


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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    It would be sacrilegious to narrow it down to just five But pieces include:

    1) Anything by Mozart

    2) Beethoven's 5th and 9th

    3) Dvorak's 9th

    4) Bach's Cello Suites

    5) Vivaldi's 4 seasons

    6) Schumann's 3rd

    7) Anything with John Williams's brilliant orchestration

    8) Howard Shore's The Lord of the Rings soundtrack

    9) Music from the Les Miserables musical

    10) Music from The Phantom of the Opera musical

    And of course many others . . . the list goes on and on . . . what would I do without music?!
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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    One thing I tend to do is listen to Schoenberg's 'A Survivor from Warsaw' to remind myself that it could always be worse. On the same album it is directly followed by Beethoven's 9th... which is a nice contrast. I almost can't hear the two seperately.

    But for the most part, in hard times, I find it that to be my most creative period, so I compose somehow...

    Sean.... Forgive Salieri for what? lol
    Jess Hendricks
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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    "Adagio" by Albinoni (more by Giazotto, really)

    "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush (eh, works for a guy, too)

    "Even in the Quietest Moments" by Supertramp

    "Canon in D" by Taco Bell (er, Pachelbel)

    And as far as 'sustain', it's gotta be that final chord in "A Day in the Life".
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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    1) "Misrlou" Dick Dale (or just about any surf guitar instrumental)- very happy and upbeat feel-good music and takes me back to the days of my innocence (I was about 5). Well, relative inoccence anyway.

    2) "Quiet Village" Martin Denny- A peaceful, calm escape to a tropical island

    3) "A Love Supreme" John Coltrane- Very spiritual and almost Tantric

    4) Just about anything from Buddy Guy, B.B. King, or Stevie Ray Vaughan- Nothing like the blues to get rid of the blues

    5) "Ride of the Valkaries" Wagner- makes me feel like I could take on the world.

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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    Wow! What a good post! Well, I have many more than 5, but here are the top five, I know these may sound sad to some, but they pick up me up:

    * Barber- "Adagio for Strings Op. 11" such beauty...

    * Camille Saint-Saëns- "Symphony No 3 'Organ' "- what he went through before he wrote this I could wish on nobody!

    * Any Bob Marley- what a fighter, what a revolutionary, he was a strong man with a good positive message and he stood behind every word. His music always puts a smile on my face.

    * Any Danny Elfman- has this gent come a long way since Pee Wee's Big Adventure or what?!?!? This dude has some wonderful music and he knows how to work outside the proverbial box.

    * Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 "Pathetique"- a poor troubled soul living in harsh times! This was his last full symphony and he poured his Russian heart and soul out into this one. That last movmnt alone will get ya! Bravo Tchaikovsky!!

    * One more I know, sorry. All the music my wife and I have written. She is an opera voice major and I am a comp major and we write pop tunes once in while and it makes me proud to hear what we have accomplished

    Captain Hook (if you see Pan let me know!)

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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    Disco Bagpipes by our own Darwin Kopp, and anything by Wing.

    On the night of my first exposure to Wing, I got a serious case of the giggles. I was afraid I'd wake my roommate, so I thought of the saddest moment possible as an antidote. It didn't work, and I busted out completely. Nothing particularly awful has happened since then, but if it does, I'll put Wing to the test in real time.

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    Re: What pieces sustain you?

    Keep on Shining- Natalie Grant "Let love light up your darkest nights"
    Little Wing - Neil Young "She brings them feathers when they fall"
    Cosmic Thing - B52s "Dance in the garden in torn sheets in the rain"
    Aja - Steely Dan Steve Gadd's drumming is uplifting
    Never Neverland - Todd Rundgren

    "I know a place where dreams are born
    And time is never planned
    It’s not on any chart
    You must find it in your heart
    Never never land
    It may be miles beyond the moon
    Or right there where you stand
    Just keep an open mind
    And then suddenly you’ll find
    Never never land
    You’ll have a treasure if you stay there
    More precious far than gold
    For once you have found your way there
    You will never, never grow old
    And that’s my home where dreams are born
    And time is never planned
    Just think of pleasant things
    And your heart will fly on wings, forever in
    Never never land"

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