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Topic: It's been a Hard Drives night.... :)

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    It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)

    Hey all.

    So, after reading the advice about hard drives for a Giga and Sonar set up (OS on C,
    Sonar audio on D, Giga samples on E) I bought that thrid hard drive.

    Yikes!! I am not sure how to hook this bad boy up (80gig 7200 IDE Internal)

    My pc\'s mother board has 2 slots for IDE ribbon cables. The first says PRIMARY...
    That hooks to my D drive as slave and the jumps to my C drive as master.

    The second says SECONDARY (go figure)...
    It hooks to my CDROM and the jumps to my CDR drive.

    So, I am thinking that my CDROM drive is getting wacked tonight?

    Whats the best way to add this 3 hard drive?

    UPDATE: Last night I removed my CD ROM drive(seconday slave) and replaced it with my CDRW drive (was secondary master now, set to secondary slave)..Then I hook in the 3rd hard drive and made it, secondary master...

    Here is whats up.
    Windows boots fine.
    System still fast.
    I click on MY COMPUTER
    I now have C D and E drive.

    But, when I try to copy a file to it (say a 60mb file)it takes forever and the if you move your mouse its like the mouse is drunk...after the file copies...it all goes back to normal.

    So, any thoughts? Also, could I just put my pc back to normal and get an external drive/
    Is USB ok for audio rec?

    Francis Belardino

    Composer/Sound Designer

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)

    Hi. USB would not be acceptable for anything other than raw storage or backup purposes. It\'s too slow to do anythign in real time. You need either IDE, Firewire or SCSI. (IMO - in that order...)

    You\'re new drive should have worked. Seems like you must have remembered to partition and format the drive. Is that right?


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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)

    You would think that USB is not the way to go....

    I just bought an 80Gig 2700RPM 480Mbits/sec
    USB 2.0 Hard drive. This thing smokes. Faster then Firewire! Came with 5 hub USB 2.0
    PCI card.

    TEST 1: GigaStudio

    Peaked at 153 voices running 2 Gigaverbs and a GigaEQ. No crackle. No pops. No MSG32 crash.

    TEST 2:Audio

    Ran 8 stereo track via Pro Tools. 4:30 second song. In real time, I was running waves compressor, EQ and trueverb.

    All ran smooth and had fast seek times.

    This drive is now a dedicated Giga drive and my 80 GIG IEDE Internal Harddrive is for audio.


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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)

    Well the fact that you have no crackles and no crashing probably have nothing to do with USB - I am pretty sure you\'d get the same performance from normal IDE And the fact that I sometimes get MSG32 crashes is simply because of bugs in GigaStudio....

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)


    Yes, thank you. All is very well.

    PS. I know that it\'s not USB..it\'s USB on a power trip

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    Re: It\'s been a Hard Drives night.... :)

    That\'s not USB, that\'s USB 2.0! (USB is 12Mb/Sec...) Actually, USB 2.0 is fast enough, but does soak up extra processor cycles that Firewire and EIDE do not.

    None the less, the proof is in the pudding, as we say here. If it\'s working, then that\'s all that matters!

    Take care,

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