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Topic: The Electric Guitars in JABB

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    The Electric Guitars in JABB

    Garry, can you tell us more about these electric guitars.

    Just a short description of what they where designed for:

    Chords/strums or single notes? or both? To what extend? Bends and glides too or just basic sustained?


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    Re: The Electric Guitars in JABB

    I raised this point a month ago. Enlightenment was not forthcoming. Bit odd.

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    Re: The Electric Guitars in JABB

    A product developer can't show all his cards...

    Xerox showed Steve Jobs the mouse, Jobs allowed Gates to write software for the mac as long as he promised not to develope an imitation of the Mac OS...

    Somethings have to be kept under wraps before the grand unveiling.

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    Re: The Electric Guitars in JABB

    I can only imagine it's single sustained notes.

    Perhaps a palm muted articulation?

    Maybe a slide or two on the lowest string?

    I don't think it's going to be Grant Green in a box, though: some assembly required!

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