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Topic: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

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    "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    On the NI site for their Akoustik Piano, there's a mention of being able to control the "resonance" of the samples. The site says the duplex scale makes upper notes resonate, so the NI interface lets one control the extent of the resonance. Are they talking about resonance as we know it--emphasizing the frequency right next to the filter frequency? Or are they instead talking about just bringing the note out with a longer delay on the ADSR or a slight chorusing or some other method?

    Anyone have this library? I don't notice any unusual resonance on the demos, but the demos don't indicate if they have this resonance applied.

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    Re: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    I think it was only released today, so no one would have it yet. At this point I think everyone in most music forums are waiting to hear the comparisons between Akoustik and Ivory.....

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    Re: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    Any reviews on The Grand 2 ? Also just released I guess...

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    Re: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    So many pianos...

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    Re: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    Akoustic Piano sounds really nice. I have not yet really studied what that resonance control is doing, but it sounds like it is leveling the release triggered samples.

    I have also only had opportunity to play around a little on the Bosendorfer and Steinway. I prefer the Steinway, it really sounds nice...an excellent piano was sampled, no doubt. VERY nice lower dynamics in terms of the hammer sound, very beautiful.

    I will let you know more when I have more time to play it. I'm trying to get a huge musical opened, and am sleeping at least three hours a day whether I need it or not...

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    Re: "Resonance" on the samples of the NI Akoustik piano?

    The pianos are very well sampled and sound great...also, a good comparison between Ivory and Akoustik Piano might be that Akoustik only requires a 12 GB installation at 24 bit compared to the near 40 gb of Ivory and also right now it is both mac and PC compatible where as Ivory is Mac only. The smaller installation could help preserve some system resources too and there is also a 16 bit installation you can do which only takes 7 gb. I really like the interface, this is by far the cleanest I've seen using the Kontakt engine and very easy to adjust settings. I just received it last week so I haven't had much time to explore each piano or to see how they sit in a mix but first impressions are looking good:

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