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Topic: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

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    MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    Anyone using this with GigaStudio? With the USB drivers GS CRASHES as soon as I trigger a note (MSG32 crash). And I cant find the serial drivers that MIDIMAN claims is on the CD - not even on their webpage are they to be found - ?!?!?!? . I bought this interface specifically because I expected USB to be a problem as usual, and now there are no serial drivers?!?!

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    I got it working with USB now actually. Dunno if it\'ll last.

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    It didnt. I found out something interesting (after I got a MSG32 crash after playing something that stressed GigaStudio). I couldnt start GS the next time. I tried everything but it would hang on the startup. However, if I switch the MIDISport to SERIAL (or anything else but USB) while GS is \'waiting\', it will proceed and start up. However, EVERYTHING seems to depend on that USB connection. I can\'t load a performance while MIDISport is set to USB - as soon as I change it to serial, it\'ll begin loading the samples, etc... hmmmmmmm ? Anyone who has some OLDER DRIVERS for me to try out? I think MIDImans site is seriously in that respect - they have no older drivers for anything it seems, even though you can tag it on as an option.

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    I\'ve used the MIDISport 8x8 with GSt for over a year now in USB mode with no problems whatsoever. For the last month, I\'ve been using Win2k with no problems. Sorry I\'m not much help, other than to confirm that under certain conditions it works fine.


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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    Cool, I got it working actually. But I have to enabled the SMPTE WRITE on the MIDISport - then it stops hanging and works. This seems very odd to me though...

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    Hmmm...Maybe that might be what I had going on.. After I did the Xp install, I was stable as hell except... If I changed a setting in the sampler section. I can boot GS but as soon as I play a note... Conaestant error, whatever. So I shut down and Crtl-Alt-Del and can end giga, and a couple others other than the MSG.32 won\'t close.
    So I too have to reboot.
    But I\'ve found that I have everything maxed out in the sampler section(lowest settings) and once it\'s set, I don\'t crash at all. After I reboot
    Buffers on my 2408 are a 64 and with midi going USB my latency is damn fine.
    No complaints here.
    I never thought it was the Midisport. Interesting!!!
    I screwed around tring to get the serial drivers to load in XP, none of them would go. I could only load the USB drivers!!!
    I\'m rock solid now. So I ain\'t touchin her!!

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    Are you guys suggestion that possibly the MSG32/WSTREAM32 crashes that many people have are somehow related to usign USB MIDI interfaces?

    If so, an interesting piece of information.

    I\'m going to go try it out.....

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    Hmm no I don\'t think it is directly related to USB, since I had MSG32 crashes before I started using an USB interface. I have the same amount of trouble now as before I got the USB interface. EXCEPT that if I dont enable SMPTE write on the USB Interface here, GS will crash as soon as I trigger a note.

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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    It\'s too bad you guys experience so many crashes. It happens sometimes to me too, but only very rarely. Since I installed GSt 2.5 on Win2k in mid-January, GSt has crashed exactly once. I\'ll admit I had trouble with it at first not liking a few of the samples I had downloaded from Worra\'s site a couple of years ago (useless samples... a small Wurli Trumpet or something). But only one crash since when I was dinking with driver settings while GSt was open.

    You might want to consider a complete reinstall of your OS. Win2k is going to resolve more hardware isssues. You might try it if you already haven\'t.


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    Re: MIDISport 8x8 ://// ??

    I wouldnt say it crashes MUCH. It just crashes when working on very heavy arrangements, which might require 300+ voices. It doesnt seem like GS can handle being stressed that way and that is unfortunate since it should simply filter out anything above 160 voices, but it seems to get affected by the high MIDI traffic in a weird way.

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