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Topic: Sonar effects or Kontakt-2 effects?

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    Sonar effects or Kontakt-2 effects?

    I have Sonar 3 and Kontakt-2. Both have a nice set of effects.

    If I create a Kontakt-2 DXI synth and all outputs, I can assign different samples in the multi to the different DXI Sonar outputs. Then I could process those outputs differently in Sonar.

    BUT, the CPU load goes way up when I have lots of DXI synth outputs in Sonar.

    SO, I can also process the sample intruments individually in Kontakt-2. And run all of them out to the same DXI output.

    Kontakt-2 has a real nice editing interface, but that seems to waste many of the features and abilities of Sonar.

    What do you tend to do. Please share your experience and reasons for your choices.

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Sonar effects or Kontakt-2 effects?

    I always use the effects in Sonar.

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    Re: Sonar effects or Kontakt-2 effects?

    I too have Sonar Three. I use the Kontakt Two effects in most cases. The convolution reverb is extremely versatile and is of high quality. Someday, maybe I'll learn to use all of its many settings correctly.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Sonar effects or Kontakt-2 effects?

    Yeah Kontakt effects are pretty sweet! I haven't tried Sonar's however....

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