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Topic: The Last Mare

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    The Last Mare

    No horses, just the final movement of Lunar Scenes. It is my favorite of the suite. The last thing I wrote is always my favorite, usually for a few days. My longest lasting favorite, and which I would like to see performed and danced is apparently rather low on everyone else's list.

    Well, here are the current Mare links.

    Mare Imbrium

    Mare Imbrium (mp3)

    Now on to the cello sonata, which is a huge project for me.


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    Re: The Last Mare


    I always listen to your latest pieces (even if I don't often make comments) because I find your work very interesting. Whenever I say "interesting" I mean that as a definite compliment - a piece of music must pique my interest: It's the first, and toughest, hurdle. Your music always gets over that first hurdle for me. I should mention another important thing: You have a clearly defined style that is very personal (I could even hear it in the early work you posted a while back.)

    As to this piece: I'm in agreement with you. I think I like it the best of the group. And good luck on the Cello Sonata.


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    Re: The Last Mare

    What a stunning end to your delightful suite. Congratulations on completing this!

    Cello Sonata??? I can hardly wait....

    Kind Regards


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    Thumbs up Re: The Last Mare

    Richard, you have an extremely fascinating way of writing I find most energizingly out of the norm! Absolutely cool!
    By all means, let's hear your cello sonata!

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    Re: The Last Mare

    I've been following along with your Lunar Scenes also. I really like this one. The beginning almost sounded jazzy to me upon first hearing. I think that is due to the syncopations. I think it really rounds out the entire work, but I think it works well as an end piece, if that is your placement. The motion really spirals for me making me think of spinning off into the abyss. OK - I know that's a bit much, but I really enjoyed it.
    Best regards,

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    Re: The Last Mare

    Congratulations on completing Lunar Scenes, Richard... a proud achievement, as I've followed it along.

    I believe this one might be my favorite out of the set... more and more, there seems to be a certain lyricism striving to come out of hiding in your pieces.


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