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Topic: Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?

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    Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?


    I recently purchased Stylus RMX and watched all of the tutorials, but I'm still not clear on something. I've noticed that when I drag and drop midi files from RMX into a midi track in DP, they play fine as long as I am in Groove mode. Unfortunately in slice mode, it will only play back one midi file at a time. As soon as I try to chain multiple midi files together to make a drum track, it won't play back properly if I am in Slice mode.

    My problem is, that I need to be in slice mode in order to separate individual drums (i.e. kick, snare) for processing using the edit groups. Does anyone have any suggestions that would allow me to separate the individual hits, and allow me to also chain together different variations of loops to make an interesting drum track.



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    Re: Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?

    Yes...you can use each of the eight parts to do this.

    You can also assign the Edit Groups in Groove Menu mode for every element in the groove, so this will do exactly what you are wanting using only a single part.

    Just do the Edit group assignments on each of the elements in the suite.

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    Re: Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?

    Thanks Eric-I found the Add/remove slice in group edit, to be very easy to use. But that parameter I can only use in slice mode. Is this correct? The way you are suggesting (in groove mode), I need to determine which beats the snare falls on (i.e 2 and 4), and select that parameter in the assign window of group edit. What would you suggest if say the snare is doing syncopated fills, etc. Should I just try selecting the assignment I think it is, and solo out that group edit to see which drums are heard using this assignment (i.e. every 1/4 note triplet etc.)?



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    Re: Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?

    No, all the Edit Group features can be assigned (manually or automatically) in Slice Menu mode for each ELEMENT (select each groove in the Browser and perfom the edit group assignments you want to do)

    Then when you've done the assignments, all the slices contained in the entire suite will belong to the common Edit Groups you've created...then you can switch to Groove Menu mode and they be there!


    It's a very flexible system...more detailed info to come soon!


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    Re: Stylus RMX- Drag and Drop question?

    Thanks Eric! Very helpful to know this. I thought you had to use one or the other mode and stay in that mode. I didn't realize I could make all of my assignments in Slice Mode and then switch to Groove mode to create my drum tracks.



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