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Topic: Anyone using Giga Teleport

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    Question Anyone using Giga Teleport

    I already did a search for this, but was unable to find any threads that contained a direct discussion about it. And the fx-max forums were pretty bare too. Is anyone successfully using Giga Teleport? If so what kind of latency do you get? Can you play live?

    I just got a second machine to be my Giga machine, and I can't decide whether to use Steinberg System Link or set up a proper LAN. And if I set up a LAN, I can't decide whether to use FX Teleport with Giga Adaptor, so that I retain the option of running other VST stuff on the Giga machine, or whether to use Giga Teleport, or even MidiOverLan. I think if Giga Teleport worked the way the manufacturers claim then I would go with it, but I can't find anyone saying they've used it successfully, and certainly nobody jumping up and down and saying how it's solved all their Giga problems.

    Please help anyone!!!!

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    Re: Anyone using Giga Teleport

    I use fx teleport and giga vst adapter and it worked... at least it's still fine at the moment (for the past 1 year). I didn't use teleport for my vst's - they are all in my primary comp, I only use it for my slave comp solely running giga studio (still using 2.5), streaming thru gigabitLAN.

    As usual, some drop outs or clicks might occur when you overuse your giga. And I have to mention too, that when you use teleport you can only render real time.

    As for playing live, not very sure about its reliability - too many possibilities cos my comp crash once or twice in my work session daily. Whether teleport contributed to that I don't know.

    Latency is 11.61ms.

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Anyone using Giga Teleport

    I have two machine and use Giga teleport and Sonar.

    There are occasion dropouts and occasionally it gets buggy, so I restart and things are fine. Latency is on the higher side.

    But to be fair, I set the system up right before the birth of our son and since then I haven't had any time to fuss with it. And, for some reason, my Sonar machine is buggy.

    I like the fact that I can mix down without having to actually play the midi sequence. And, of course, it's nice having many ports. But, in hindsight, I might've gone with a midi over lan solution and do audio the old fashioned way. Simply because I don't have time to mess with it.
    DAW: Dual Core 5200 4GB 160 IDE 320 SATA Sonar 4/GIGA: P4 3.0 1.5GB GS3 80 SATA 160 SATA GS Orchestra

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