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Topic: Sibelius With Receptor and GPO

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    Question Sibelius With Receptor and GPO


    I would like to ask if there is anybody who is using the new Receptor VST plugins module with GPO and Sibelius.

    I was wondering if it is at all possible to use the setup just described above considering that Sibelius doesn't have as yet a VST Hosting facility.

    My interested in Receptor was initiated by the fact of being able to playback full orchestra scores without worring of running out of RAM memory, so continue to use my laptop instead of going for a dedicated Audio PC.

    I would love to hear opinions on this issue.



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    Re: Sibelius With Receptor and GPO

    Sibelius is going to be releasing a GPO Sibelius edition sometime in the near future (see web site for details). This doesn't address your memory concerns but, short of total VST hosting capability, it does at least seem to make using GPO with Sibelius more integrated and easier to implement. Of course, this will only work with Sibelius 4.

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