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Topic: Anyone used Sweetwater?

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    Anyone used Sweetwater?

    Hey all, damn it's been a long time since I was last here. GPO is still workin' fine with me for the most part

    Anyway, has anyone bought stuff online from sweetwater? I'm looking at getting Drumkit from Hell Superior and it's about a hundred bucks cheaper buying it online and getting it fed ex'd than getting it here.


    Cheers all

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    Call them, ask for Jon Gauthier and tell him Mike from Twinzzapstudio21 referred you. We've purchased quite a bit from them and have had no problems at all.

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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    I've used Sweetwater since 1988. Good place to buy things.

    It's nice how they put little candies in the box when they ship you something. It costs them practically nothing, I guess, but it has charm.

    --- Glenn

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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    Have used them since 1995. Very few mess ups (that were corrected at their expense)

    I would highly recommend them.

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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    They're known for their customer service. Personally I haven't worked with them much because I'm poor and I can usually find stuff for a few bucks cheaper somewhere else. But if a few bucks here and there isn't a big deal for you, I'd recommend them. They're very communicative, and they'll talk to you for a half hour answering your questions on this vs. that. The cynic in me knows it's all in the name of making sales and getting return customers, but ultimately who cares? If the service is good, the service is good, so why question it?


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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    Another plus for Sweetwater here.

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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    Nothing but good experiences with them at this end.

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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    I bought my first sampler, a Mirage, from Chuck when he was just starting the retail business that would become Sweetwater as we know it today<G>!

    Over the years I had one truly bad experience with them, and sadly they let it fester for quite a while. Then out of the blue they finally made good on it. I think that speaks volumes.

    If I buy on-line I tend to buy from either Sweetwater or Full Compass, depending on what I need, each has their strengths. Mostly, however, I buy locally. I'm fortunate to have a great music store about 30 mintues away, and I am happy to pay a small premium to keep them there. And, much to my pleasant surprise, often there is no premium...


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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    I too have purchased a few things from them. The shipping, accuracy of the order, and communication is all great!


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    Re: Anyone used Sweetwater?

    I just ordered DP from them. Service was outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.

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