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Topic: Kontakt Window Placement?

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    Kontakt Window Placement?

    Simple Question:

    When I launch Kontakt, the window always pops at full screen size (intentional), but it's always opens off to the side and partially out of the visible screen.

    I manually have to move the window to the center everytime I open it.

    I have the view set to "bigger" and just want it to open full screen everytime.

    Did a search, but came up empty.

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    Re: Kontakt Window Placement?

    Yes indeed, isn't it a royal pain ! I've reported this problem to NI and to Alan Lastufka and, it also appears in the Ultimate Bug list on NI's forum (see item 15)http://www.native-instruments.de/sit...ad.php?t=28381. Let's hope they fix this with the next release.
    Big Bob (aka Wonderful Bob)

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    Re: Kontakt Window Placement?


    Thanks for the input Bob.

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