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Topic: Flangy Sound! Help!

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    Unhappy Flangy Sound! Help!

    I'm a first time user of Gigastudio. I had a machine that had Sonar installed on it and after installing Gigastudio Solo I noticed that the gigapiano light sounded really metallic and flangy. Other samples didn't sound so bad so I didnt worry about it much until I purchase the Holy Grail Piano and it didn't sound very good either, though not as bad as gigapiano.

    Long story short- after reformatting I discovered that things don't sound too bad with the machine just running giga- after installing Sonar the flangy sound reappears. It remains even after uninstalling Sonar. It goes away only after uninstalling and reinstalling Gigastudio.

    I was thinking that this might be a problem with the processor that I have (Athlon XP 2500+) since the Tascam website says that they do not support SSE. But when I found this forum I've discovered that tons of people seem to be using this processor with no problem.

    Frankly, the sound is not horrible as long as I don't run Sonar on the machine, but there is still just a hint of the flanginess on the notes around A440. I have to wonder if switching out the processor will improve things.

    The motherboard is an ASUS A7N8XE-deluxe. I'm running 1GB 400mhz DDR ram and using 7200 RPM drives.

    One thing that I am pondering is that the documentation for my board says that it is approved for Athlon Processors at least 3000+. I'm wondering if my processor is incompatible with the board.

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    Re: Flangy Sound! Help!

    Make sure Giga is not receiving the same MIDI information from two different sources.

    For example, if Giga is getting MIDI straight from your controller AND that same MIDI info from running it through Sonar simotaneously, then it is essentially getting it twice. This will cause that flanging effect.

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    Re: Flangy Sound! Help!

    That's not the problem. The flangy sound is there even when Sonar is not running- even after Sonar has been uninstalled. My thought is that installing Sonar somehow is messing up the audio drivers.

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