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Topic: GPO in Kontakt-2? Pops and crackles

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    GPO in Kontakt-2? Pops and crackles

    When I try to play bass clarinet from my GPO library as a Kontakt-2 instrument in the standalone Kontakt-2 application, I get "POP"s and crackles when I try to play a triad.

    One or two notes together work OK..but add a third ot a fourth and it sounds like popcorn in a microwave!

    I have a 3.2gHz Pentium 4 with 1.25gig of RAM under Windows-XP, SP2.

    I have set it to favor background services.

    But interestingly, the sound is fine in the GPO player as a DXI under Sonar.

    I think I want to organize everything within the Kontakt-2...can I do it?

    --- Glenn

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    Re: GPO in Kontakt-2? Pops and crackles

    I have not had this problem with the bass clarinet, but I have had similar problems with the French horns. If I have a quartet playing fairly close harmony, I get snap/crackle/pop--what sounds like digital clipping and distortion. That's one of the things I'm hoping to get some answers about in this forum. Can anyone else offer any insights?

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