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Topic: Multiple SCSI Drives

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    Multiple SCSI Drives

    I\'m running out of hard disk space. I\'m currently using an IDE drive for programs and 2 UW2 SCSI Drives for gig files and audio. The question is: should I get a 3rd SCSI drive or should I just replace my drives with larger storage capacity ones? How many SCSI drives can I hook up before everything slows down (or does it)?

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    Re: Multiple SCSI Drives

    I think with Ultra Wide you can hook up 15 drives. The older SCSI spec was 8 devices total. This one is 16, I believe.

    You will not appreciably slow anything down by adding a third drive.

    You didn\'t state whether these drives are internal or external. I would be a bit concerned about adding a 4th internal drive for power supply reasons. External I would not worry about.


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