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Topic: Drumcomputer as controller ??

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    Drumcomputer as controller ??


    I´ve got a BOSS DR 660 drumcomputer and want to use the gigasampler or gigastudio as a \"soundoptimizer\" ...

    I´ve heard of the Gigasamplers incredible drumsounds and I also like the easy way of programming drumpatterns with the DR 660 !! Is it possible to send Midi data from the DR 660 to the soundcard (Hoontech DSP 2000) and change the drumsound of every single drum by using the gigasampler/studio ?? I don´t have any masterkeyboard for controlling...
    Can anybody help me further ?? That would be really great !!

    Thank you...

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    Re: Drumcomputer as controller ??

    Hi Benny
    well - why not? If your DR has midiout
    and sends out midi note messages its just
    a matter of finding the correct midinotes
    for each drumtype (kick, crash, whatever )
    and then make a gig with drumsounds mapped
    to these notes.
    If you\'re lucky the DR sends it out
    in GM standard drum mapping.

    If you can\'t find the midi out mapping in you\'re DR Midispec you could record the midi output it into a sequencer and see the keymapping there.


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