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Topic: Midi Static??

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    Midi Static??

    Is there such a thing as midi static. I have noticed that when my keyboard controller is \"on\" and routed through the Audiophile 2496 midi port to Gigastudio96, that GS shows port1 turning red in a random fashion when no notes are being played. If I turn off the keyboard, then the random red flashing stops. Is this common with all keyboards? I have an older K1000.

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    Re: Midi Static??

    Hi John
    There\'s a feature in the midi spec which
    allows devices to use Active sensing.
    A special System Real Time midimessage is sent every 300 ms when there\'s no other trafic, informing the midi enviroment that a
    a divice is alive and online.

    Maybe that is what you\'re seeing.


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    Re: Midi Static??

    BJK, thanks for the reply. The reason I ask is because my keyboard already has a few problems playing samples; after playing for awhile it inserts this terrible vibrato- on a piano sample. So I am beginning to wonder if the midi is acting up, too. If somebody else could confirm whether they get the port 1 icon changing from green to red in GigaStudio when the keyboard is idle (but connected by midi) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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    Re: Midi Static??

    I had a vibrato problem that was related to an after touch problem on my keyboard( the after touch would sometimes get stuck on ). I currently disable output of aftertouch from my keyboard to work around the problem.


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    Re: Midi Static??

    Hi again John
    Try recording midievents into your sequencer
    while playing your keyboard - when the
    vibrato occurs stop the recording and have a look at the data that the sequencer recorded.
    If your keyboard is sending out any mod.wheel
    or other kind of controller data it should
    show up in the sequencer.


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    Re: Midi Static??


    I haven\'t tried 2.5, but previous versions of Gst have a bug which shows up as unwanted modulation.

    Basically, you load up a gig file and there is already a small amount of modulation setup in the midi control panel.

    Next time you hear the vibrato, go to the Gst page which has all the midi sliders and check the first one (which is usually the mod wheel slider). There\'s a chance it won\'t be at zero.

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    Re: Midi Static??

    Thanks for the reply. I\'m a bit late getting back- been out of town for awhile.

    Sapkiller, I think you may be right about the modwheel sending out data. When the Midi Control Surface in GS is showing, the fader for the modwheel moves up and down by itself after some short period of time, reflecting the input of modwheel data. This apparently was effecting the \"vibrato\" on the local samples and was also causing the \"port1\" and \"port2\" icons to turn red in GS when no notes were being played. Now, just have to see if the modwheel can be replaced on this old K1000. Fortunately, Sweetwater is a drivable distance and they are a repair site for Kurzweil.

    I also had noticed what Chadwick spoke about- the vibrato bug! I had earlier converted some SoundFont samples to Giga and there was an awful vibrato on a violin sample. I just figured the converter didn\'t work very well. Guess I was pretty close. Thanks again for the responses, I appreciate it a lot and helped me figure out several problems.

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