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Topic: Need some Mac/GPO help?

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    Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Hi Everyone,

    Following Tony's PC support lead, I'm putting together Mac support.

    I am able to offer only the help I can with your Mac. I have been an Apple user since 1979 and I've been a user of Performer (long before there was a "Digital") from version 1.0, and have grown up with successive versions until the present Digital Performer 4.6. I have also been a daily user of GPO with DP on my Mac since it was born almost two years ago. I have recently purchased Logic Pro 7.1, and I am trying my best to get up to speed with this product. I am pleased to offer assistance with any problems that you may encounter with GPO.

    I am working on contributing to the Knowledgebase with Tony. I am setting up a Skype account or you can reach me by email gpo@garrettguitar.com. Also, I can be available a few hours a day if you want to call me at 215-752-5618 between 1 and 4 p.m. United States, Eastern, time, Monday through Friday.

    I ask Mac users to contribute to the knowledgebase.

    While I would hope that everyone's music flows flawlessly from his/her computer, we know that with things as complex as they are, sometimes this is not the case. With this in mind, I'll try to help, and look forward to helping you in any way I can.

    Karl Garrett

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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    That's excellent news Karl, I look forward to your contributions!

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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Excellent Karl, that's just great!


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    Thumbs up Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    I hope to help people if I can, and to be helped by you when I'll need.

    I'm a Mac User too. Since 1983. I also had the pleasure of running Performer 1.0 on my Mac SE HD. It was science fiction for the early MIDI era.

    Anyway I'm no longer a professional, and then I can't afford very expensive applications, but I destroied my finances buying a G5 that runs GPO in a OSX 10.4 set up. (thanks Gary for the very complete package you created)

    I'm forced to use sometime the cheap-but-powerful PC of my wife and the almost complete tools collection of my friends still working at pro level for additional works.

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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Thanks Karl for this!

    I will be glad to help those with REALLY LOW powered computers. (Just look at my specs in my signature!) I have been able to achieve some modest success with my setup. I have little tricks, setting changes, etc.

    If I can help, please let me know.

    MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz 4GB Ram OSX 10.5.8
    Korg TritonLe & MAudio Oxygen 8
    T3, Logic 9, DP7, K2, GPO4, Strad, Gofriller, C&MB, Finale 2010

    My Website!
    New Film Scores!
    Also, Ever think about having your very own personal documentary? See my new Website!

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    Senior Member Styxx's Avatar
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    Mar 2004
    West Seneca, NY

    Talking Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Karl? I'll have a Big Mac with and medium order of fries, a hot apple pie, coke (no Pepsi) coke and can you make that with ... wha? Huh? What do you mean he’s not offering ... it is? … oh, never mind Karl.

    Well, if some day things start looking up and I can get me a Mac this will Shirley come in handy.

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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Hey Styxx,

    Wouldn‘t you be surprised if FEDEX brought the above to you tomorrow?


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    Senior Member BlueMax's Avatar
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    Oct 2004
    Calgary, AB, Canada

    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Super! Maybe you could even offer some frugal advice for someone wanting to switch from PC to Mac for the purpose of composing with GPO!
    "AAAAUUUUGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" -- Charlie Brown

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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    Quote Originally Posted by BlueMax
    Super! Maybe you could even offer some frugal advice for someone wanting to switch from PC to Mac for the purpose of composing with GPO!
    What kind of advice would you require?


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    Re: Need some Mac/GPO help?

    BlueMax, I just started using computers for mixing and editing music related stuff about two years ago at the recommendation of my friend Jay. He told me that I really need to get a Mac so I can use Digital Performer, I can not say anything about any other workstation software because I have never used them, but I can't say enough about how incredible Digital Performer is, and how absolutely wonderful the Mac environment is. I use a nice Dell PC for GPO and Gigastudio/GOS, and it has served me well too, but having a Mac as the heart of my system is just wonderful.

    There is always the argument that some software is not compatlble between the two different platforms, and that is true, but if you bought a nice G5 you would not be sorry. For me, I need both platforms, and it is nice to be familiar with both.


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